Expository Parenting? An Interview with G220 Radio


New to expository parenting? Wondering what it's all about? Last month I had the opportunity to discuss the book and ministry with George Alvarado and Ricky Gantz of G220 Ministries. Over the course of an hour, we briefly touched on the main issues of the book.

As stated in the G220 Radio episode description:

On this episode of G220 Radio, we welcome our special guest and author Josh Niemi to discuss his new book Expository Parenting. We will interview Josh about the essence of what it means to be an expositor in the home.

Here are some timestamps and topics from the discussion:

7:00 - Introduction

10:30 - How did the book come about?

14:40 - Explaining the title

15:45 - What sets this book apart?

22:15 - Doing the work of an evangelist

24:25 - What does expository parenting look like practically speaking?

25:50 - The basis of expository parenting

29:30 - Layout of the book

31:30 - Dealing with discipline

37:00 - Keeping children engaged in biblical instruction

42:00 - Plans for the website

46:45 - Chapter-by-chapter overview

51:40 - Family integrated churches?

58:10 - Final remarks

Here is the audio from the discussion:

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