So You've Read the Book...Now What?


Welcome to the Expository Parenting Ministries website! This ministry exists to inform, equip, and connect parents for the discipling of their children at home according to the principles set forth in the book Expository Parenting. While other parenting philosophies rely on "what works" (i.e. pragmatism), "what we've always done" (i.e. traditionalism), or "what's good for their family" (i.e. relativism), expository parenting is a paradigm founded upon a biblical perspective: teaching the full counsel of God to your children and allowing the Bible to do its work in their hearts. Rather than conjuring up our own strategy, or relying on our own wisdom, we are committed to the reality that God's Word will accomplish in the lives of our children everything that we could ever have wanted to accomplish. Therefore, our job is simply to teach the Bible to them, verse by verse, in an accurate, intentional, and consistent manner.

To that end, we as parents must not only understand the task at hand, but also be equipped to carry it out. Those who have read Expository Parenting know what needs to be done, but may be wondering where to begin. That's where the website comes in. By way of analogy, if the book can be thought of as teaching how to swing a hammer, the website is the hammer. The former explains what to do; the latter provides the material to do it.

Upcoming content to be offered includes:

  • Blog articles to assist with exposition of Scripture and to think through life's issues from a biblical perspective
  • In-depth New Testament study guides for your own personal study and for the discipleship of others
  • A theologically accurate catechism to implement at home
  • A systematic method for taking notes in the Bible
  • A list for teaching children through every chapter of Scripture
  • Resources for learning the basics of biblical hermeneutics (principles of interpretation)
  • Resources for evaluating a local church's doctrinal perspectives
  • Our Statement of Faith by which to learn and affirm sound doctrine
  • Reviews of Children's Bibles and other teaching material
  • Contact information to reach out with biblical questions and comments
  • Links for finding a biblical local church
  • Links to purchase the book Expository Parenting
  • Links to other recommended ministries and resources

May the Lord grant you a passion for biblical exposition and a drive to carry it out in the lives of your children. Join us as we shepherd our kids day by day, and verse by verse.

Josh Niemi2 Comments