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A Teaching Outline for the Book of Amos

Like the Apostles, Amos had no theological credentials (cf. Amos 7:14)—he was not a prophet (no formal role in prophesying) nor the son of a prophet (no formal training in prophesying), just as they were uneducated and untrained men (cf. Acts 4:13). But, like the Apostles, Amos was compelled to speak the message he was given, just as they were (Acts 4:20). And what a message it was.

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Help From the God Who Hates (Psalm 5)

Far from being personally vindictive, imprecatory prayers offered in the right spirit are the means by which the saints of God express faith that their persecutors will be prosecuted. And it is actually the hatred of God, expressed in eternal wrath toward the unrepentant, that frees believers to love their enemies in this life.

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A Teaching Outline for the Book of Obadiah

As the shortest book in the Old Testament, one would think that Obadiah would be among the more familiar passages of Scripture. Sadly, such is not the case. And because Obadiah was preaching primarily to an ancient pagan nation (one of only two minor prophets who did so—the other being Jonah), the modern reader might see little of value in this short prophecy. But again, such is not the case.

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